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Astromaster 130 EQ-MD

A place for you to post astro items for sale as well as astro items that you are looking form etc.

Astromaster 130 EQ-MD

Postby Paolo Portilllo » Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:07 am

Selling my Astromaster 130 EQ-MD!

That's right folks, the one that gets the "motor" running :) I have to say i'll miss this scope if it gets sold soon. This was my introductory gear to the Equatorial mount.I learned precise polar alignment (the back-breaking way) from this baby. Since it was a non-GOTO, I used Stellarium coordinates to find the RA and DEC of objects with a low power eyepiece first then go to high powered ones. The simple structure of this EQ mount makes it a very precision heavy item since a few degrees can steer you away big time! That's why you'll really learn the rudiments of the EQ!

The item is 100% complete and working. I'd put cosmetics around 8.9/10. Just needs some dusting off on the outer casing :D . If you look at the pictures, the primary mirror is still 100% clean and the inner tube still has its coating giving it maximum contrast.

This is an added bonus : I had the center point of the mirror marked with a circle for easy collimation.

- Well, not really my fault, but we all know that the star pointer that comes with this really isnt up to the test, that's why if you buy this, I'll include a finder scope that you can manually attach (via DIY clamps or some simple double side tape) but i'll still include the star pointer if you want :lol:

RFS? I have since upgraded to a 6" GSO Reflector and a Celestron AS-GT mount. Seeing as it would be unwise for me to keep two reflectors (I have yet to have an offspring to give it to), I figured I'd sell it to someone who is just getting started with astronomy.

Why buy it?
Well, its gonna be way cheaper than buying it from a store who offers the same item with the same optics, That's for sure!
How much is it exactly? well, why don't you text me and I'll let you know ;)

What you'll be buying:
1. Astromaster 130 OTA (650mm F5.0) - No rust. Still fully coated mirrors. No dings/dents.
2. CG3-EQ1 Mount - No Rust. RA/DEC scales fully painted.
3. 2 Counterweights
4. Precise DC RA motor drive
5. Finder scope (5x24) - added value
6. Original eyepiece (10mm and 20mm) - Not sure on the 20mm but I know the 10mm is a Kellner type.

-It comes with its original box BTW

And if you're also interested... I have an Orion Lasermate Deluxe II collimator that im willing to part ways with. I'm just not into the whole laser thing... Faster but I'm a bit of the conservative type when it comes to collimation. Hit me up if you're interested. :)

You're more than welcome to see it before buying it. Make sure you contact me first though. feel free to send me any queries you may have. - I live in Las Pinas. Between Casimiro and CAA

09175430866 - Paolo

The pics are in .zip so you can refer to it even when you're offline - no viruses sirs!. It's 22mb. Hey... You gotta have high quality images if you're trying to show someone the quality of an item- right?

Price : 12k Slightly Negotiable :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1kff9glodvgs ... master.zip

That's it! Clear skies!!
235453667_235228409414fa11b4df35ce205e01b7659b16624d1085ce8.jpg (14.05 KiB) Viewed 748 times
235453273_2353015169b61a339e87e4e55619512fded8755cb54ded02e.jpg (22.01 KiB) Viewed 748 times
235453815_23530190fd9847ee38b9a9509fabf617a828120dffc0a32c.jpg (20.79 KiB) Viewed 748 times
Paolo Portilllo
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